Sinclair Keyon Air Conditioner – 18000 BTU

R 13,620.00

The KEYON Series impresses with its simple and clean white design.

Includes FREE Installation Kit Only (9000 – 24000 Btu/hr) with all Aircons purchased through Nano Cool.

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It has many user functions such as quiet operation, I FEEL for more comfortable temperature control, +8°C tempering, etc. As a matter of course, you can also control the units via WiFi or use the Cold Plasma Generator (ioniser) function, which increases the quality and purity of the air in the room.

With the addition of the SWC-02 wall-mounted controller, the KEYON units can be implemented into higher-level systems using Modbus or BACnet protocol. These units use environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which significantly reduces the impact on the environment. The KEYON units are the ideal choice for those who require a quality unit with a wide range of useful features but do not need colour variants.


  • Heating & Cooling
  • Energy class A++ / A+
  • Dual side water outlet
  • Hidden display
  • Function „I FEEL“
  • 8 °C heating
  • Cold plasma generator
  • WiFi module
  • Remote controller YAA1FB6 (WiFi)

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Heating capabilities

Heating, Cooling



Noise Level



Good sleep mode (timer)

Adjustable Thermostat


Wifi Enabled


Eco Friendly - Why?

Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant reduces environmental impact by 68%